Divine Mother

Many people have asked for more information about this path. In response to the inquiries, a brief overview is presented below.​

On July 13, 1914, Divine Mother was born in the little sugar town of Waipahu on the Island of Oahu, in Hawaii. She was the second of eight children. Her family was very poor, and could only afford to send her to school up through the eighth grade.  Throughout childhood, Divine Mother was deeply spiritual, and always prayed for others. She was sent to work as a maid, and later married. She had five children, and remained at home to care for the family. Around 1972, a divine messenger appeared to Divine Mother, and told Divine Mother that Sri Ramakrishna had sent her to show Divine Mother how to give God’s message for this age.​​

Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna was an avatar, a divine incarnation of God who was born in India in 1836, and died on August 15, 1886. Sri Ramakrishna came to harmonize all religions. He said, “I am the string running through all the pearls,” (the pearls being the individual religions of the world). Sri Ramakrishna manifested God’s pure love and taught universal tolerance and respect for all religions. God Is One, though men call Him by different names, and it is His Life that resides in each person. Sri Ramakrishna did not want us to lose sight of this eternal truth by getting enmeshed in dogmas, sects or creeds. He wanted us to live daily, the inherent messages that the perfect masters gave throughout the ages: God is love, peace, and compassion. In spiritual realization, we can know our divine nature, which transcends all religions.​​

Divine Mother Audrey

Divine Mother was told that her message was meant for the householders; those who marry, have children, work and carry the burdens of living in the world to support their families. Divine Mother said that our true purpose in life is to realize God. By the example of her own life, she showed us how to realize God in the midst of raising a family. Divine Mother said that the simplest way to realize God is to have love and devotion to Him; to love God first, above everything else.

​I met Divine Mother in the summer of 1973. I graduated from college in California, and spent the summer at home in Honolulu, where I was born and raised. My summer job had ended, and I was on my way to Boston to attend law school. A friend told me that she wanted me to meet Divine Mother, because she felt I was searching for God. I had been a seeker my whole life.

I had no preconceived ideas about what would happen. When I met Divine Mother, she was a charming, petite Japanese lady, who spoke very rapidly. We sat together for several hours. I said very little. Divine Mother told me all about herself. She even told me about the messenger who was sent to her. However, she never once mentioned Sri Ramakrishna to me. By the end of our meeting, she had totally captured my heart. For the first time in my life, I felt completely loved and understood, even though I had hardly said a word. At the end of our meeting, I thanked Divine Mother, wrote down her address, and departed for law school. While there, I began to correspond with her. She touched my heart in a way that had never been touched before. I longed to be with her, and could not get her out of my mind.​
One day, while in my first semester at law school, I opened the yellow pages to “churches.” My finger ran down the columns, and stopped at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society. I called the number, received instructions on how to locate the church, and caught the trolley there. I was introduced to Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Sarvagatananda. When I heard about Sri Ramakrishna, I instantly accepted Him as my Chosen Ideal. I eagerly wrote to Divine Mother about having found my Chosen Ideal, and she was overjoyed to learn that I had found Sri Ramakrishna on my own, and that I had accepted Him. Little did I know that Sri Ramakrishna was coming through Divine Mother for these modern times. Once I told Divine Mother about finding Sri Ramakrishna, I was amazed to hear her tell me things about Him. Since Divine Mother only had an eighth-grade education, how could she be so well versed about someone of whom I had never heard, even though I was a student of philosophy and religion? I knew then that Divine Mother was extraordinary.
Divine Mother Audrey with Divine Mother
I returned home each summer from law school, eager to spend every possible moment with Divine Mother. When I finally graduated, I happily returned home for good. Over the years, I saw the magnificence of God’s love in action in the ordinariness of daily life with Divine Mother. There was pure love in everything she did. There was love in the way she poured a cup of coffee, invited people in to have lunch or dinner with her, the way in which she prepared meals with her own hands, and washed the dishes and clothes. Even though there were many people around her much of the time, Divine Mother had a way of making each person feel special, and loved. We hung on to every word that came out of her mouth, these beautiful messages, which were transmitted directly to our hearts.

Each meditation with Divine Mother was cherished. God gave her the gift to silence the mind. As we meditated with her, we were being transformed effortlessly, as fears and worries dropped away. Divine Mother said she had the key to awaken our spiritual consciousness, and indeed God became alive in our hearts.Divine Mother gave us an inherent understanding of spirituality, which was direct and simple. We never engaged in rituals, or pored over scriptures or texts. She took us directly to Spirit, without any external distractions and immersed us in God’s peace, so silent and still. She always said that she worked with God’s Light, and was transmitting His Light to us. She said that she was not engaging with us “mind to mind,” but purely “spirit to spirit,” “infinite to infinite.” In a letter that Divine Mother sent to me in 1974, she said, “I’m only to serve God’s children, and whoever comes to me, I’ll show them they are God’s children, eternal, immortal, and the real guru is within.”

Divine Mother left the body on May 22, 1992. Before she left, she gave me her power of attorney and said, “Audrey, you carry Sri Ramakrishna’s Light to the world for Me.” This Light is to be taken to God’s children who hunger and thirst to know Him, and long to understand Him in daily life. Everywhere, people are suffering in their alienation from God and are looking for love, understanding, and acceptance, but in things outside of themselves. We must come within, for God is already sitting in our hearts the closest to us of all, and we must enter this sacred chamber to find Him there. This is the journey back to the Godself.

I gave up my law practice in November of 1996, and now devote myself fully to serving God. I travel all over the world sharing with others the beautiful love and light that Divine Mother gave to me. I have visited with spiritual family in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Florida, San Francisco, Maui, Big Island and Australia. There will be more traveling down the road.

Meditations are held six days a week in Honolulu and weekly in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Long Valley, New Jersey; Townsville, Australia; and Kula, Maui. More homes will be opened for meditation and sharing as the spiritual family continues to grow.

​If you would like to know more, please contact me as follows:

Audrey E. Kitagawa

Telephone: (212) 832-6697
Email: dmaudrey@lightofawareness.org

May God bless you and keep you in His infinite love and peace.