“Globalization as the Fuel of Religious and Ethnic Conflicts”

From Globalization and Identity: Cultural Diversity, Religion, and Citizenship
Majid Tehranian and B. Jeannie Lum, Editor​

“365 Pebbles a Year”

Published in the Daily Financial Times, Sri Lanka.

“I Am but a Pencil in the Hand of God​”

Published in Issue 5 of Light on Light Magazine. Later re-published by the Daily Financial Times, Sri Lanka.

“100 Words, 200 Visionaries”

Divine Mother Audrey's excerpt from the book 100 Words, 200 Visionaries by William Murtha

“Crossing World Views: The Power of Perspective and the Hawai‘i Japanese American Experience”

Published in “Learning in the Light: Multicultural Communication and Asian American Women”, edited by Elizabeth Nakaeda Kunimoto, Ph.D.

“Practical Spirituality”

Presented at the India International Center in November 2002;
Published in World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues (Jan-Mar 2003, Vol. 7, No. 1)

“The Power of Om: Transformation of Consciousness”

​Published in World Affairs Journal (Jan-Mar 2002, Vol. 6, No. 1)

“Pluralism and Self-Identity”

Internet Discussion Forum from February 1997

“​Transcending Diversity”

Internet Discussion Forum from January 1997