Becoming Aware of the Truth Within

Sudhir Mehta

As the last five years have gone by, Divine Mother’s Love and devotion to guide us towards our relationship to God have moved me towards true happiness and joy of living. Divine Mother’s grace has flowed to me every time I have been with Divine Mother. Her guidance and tools to convert anger, lust, greed and hurt to calm and peace has helped me go into the world more peacefully, with greater understanding and love in my heart.

During the New Jersey intensives, apart from the fears and guilt Divine Mother took away from me, she gave me another gift with one sentence that opened my awareness further in understanding the purpose of the events and people who enter my life. She said that everyone comes into our lives to help us to evolve. Though simply said, it had such an impact because with her words, Divine Mother’s beautiful Light flows, leaving a joyous impression on me. My heart is open and belongs to Divine Mother.

​Divine Mother’s words brought back memories of two lepers whom I have met a couple of times in my life in the city where my parents live in India. Whenever I’ve seen them, compassion rises in my heart and I give them money. They have always thanked me. But Divine Mother’s words made me realize that they should not be thanking me. It is I that should be thanking them for giving me the opportunity, through their sacrifice, to evolve, by allowing me to practice selflessness, and to grow in greater love and compassion for others. Every time somebody gives me an opportunity to love now, I thank him or her for the opportunity that I’m given to evolve. Every time somebody triggers the anger within me and I can go and pound it out, I bless them and thank them for helping me to heal and evolve.