Dreams Do Come True

Jon and Jane Anderson


​Dreams really do come true, and the strength of prayer is so real. To be able to witness the power of Divine Mother’s Love yet again, was truly a blessing.

​JON: My children, Deborah, Damion, and Jade, whom many of you met last year at the wonderful August Celebration, were privileged to connect with Divine Mother as she traveled through Europe in May, 1999, spreading the Divine Light. It was as if Divine Mother was guiding us back together in the spirit. My dream, of course, had been for my children to be saved in this lifetime, through the grace of Divine Mother. Such wonderful grace came to us through Divine Mother that week; and she was able to bring me so close again to my children.


​JON:  In April 1999, Divine Mother contacted me, and told Jane and me, that she was going to be in London on a short visit, and wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could all meet. I was working on yet another album for “Yes” in Vancouver, and I said I would love to, but needed to check with the producer. Divine Mother advised me to follow my heart. As I put the phone down I had to laugh at myself for hesitating. My heart said, “you must be there,” and of course I wanted Jane by my side. You see, my kids have had a tough life so far, without a steady family—they had a wandering nomadic musician for a father, and a mother who has disowned them and hurt them so much. I knew the week together in London would be important to them and to me. I could not have envisaged what amazing things were about to take place when we all got together.

​JANE: The moment that Divine Mother called, I knew in my heart that we must go to London, and that Divine Mother would make sure any obstacles that stood in the way would be overcome. Jon’s album would not be jeopardized, and in truth I felt that the gifts Jon would receive by spending time with Divine Mother in London would only make his work on the album when he returned much more powerful. My only question was whether or not I should go as well, because I have always been aware of how much Jon’s children need him, and a part of me felt I should let them have him all to themselves. So, I decided to follow Divine Mother’s advice to Jon, and looked in my heart for the answer. I immediately knew that I should go to London too, because I love the children, and want to be part of their family. I hoped that if I was there, the children would be able to feel my love, and by sharing our innermost selves with each other, we would become closer, and become a family. I knew that amazing transformations would come, and that Divine Mother would bless us all with her Light and Love, and hey, to be honest, I’ll grab every moment I can with Divine Mother! And of course, I was excited to see Jon’s dream of seeing his children in the Light come true.
So, just as I thought, Divine Mother cleared every obstacle in our path, and soon we were on the plane, practically giddy with excitement!!

Day One

​JANE: My heart was pounding as we went up the elevator to Divine Mother’s ninth floor apartment, and when she opened the door I felt such an explosion of love, of thankfulness, of such supreme joy. I just looked at her face and felt almost silly with happiness. Another great moment was when the kids walked in, because only Deborah knew we were coming, and it was great to surprise them. They greeted us with a mixture of laughter and tears, and as we all hugged, I felt so unbelievably happy to be with them, and so filled with anticipation of what was to come. I knew that all the children had a lot of pain, sadness, anger and loneliness inside of them and that it needed to come out, be expressed and be acknowledged. I also knew that each had a great capacity for love, and each was a brilliant soul, and felt that all would be well. I was hoping Jon could handle it, but as it turned out I had no need to worry.

JON: On the first day we were able to let all our fears and frustrations out and, with Divine Mother’s guidance, the children shared how much they truly missed me and were angry at me for not being there when they needed me. I love them eternally, but I needed to hear their sorrow and pain and acknowledge my role in their sadness. The fact is, when they first saw me, I could see their sadness very clearly. Thank you Divine Mother for allowing me to see my children’s pain, because from then on we could begin the healing process.

Divine Mother took Jade in the other room for a one-on-one. I know it was then that I realized how blessed I was to have children that were ready for the spiritual journey. They had open hearts and were able to make the connection with Divine Mother. Both Jane and I were laughing and crying at the same time. Jane in her wisdom was able to interact with my kids and help them so naturally, with smiles and hugs and the loving way she has, and they, in turn, love her to bits.

Deborah (who met Divine Mother in 1989) has been a mother to her siblings for the past ten years. Last year, when I asked her, “Do you ever think of Divine Mother?” she replied very sweetly, “Father, I think of Divine Mother every second of every day.” So, I really felt happy that she would be able to have a one-on-one with Divine Mother. I honestly didn’t realize the extent of the hardships she had suffered in the past, and, thanks to Divine Mother, we were able to hug and cry and let it all out of our systems.

As for Damion, he had always kept everyone laughing with his wonderful wit and charm. Yet, Divine Mother was able to let him begin to look at his problems, which were that he truly didn’t really love himself, and felt so much guilt. We all cried for him, to help him to love himself, but to no avail. It was on the next day that things became clearer for him.

Well, Jade came out of her one-on-one in sort of a “dream-state”—so excited to tell us her experiences with the Divine Light and how Divine Mother helped her to relax and be at peace with herself, and to trust her instincts. We were overjoyed with her transformation. After this, we all meditated, and had a great dinner together. This happened every day.

We want to thank Liz and Tad Kunimoto and Stephen Lee for their love, hugs, smiles, and understanding; and for their beautiful sharing. The three of them unselfishly prepared three meals a day for us so that we could spend time with Divine Mother and not have to worry about going out for meals. Jane and I slept like babies that night.

JANE: I was so proud of Jon. He let the children express all their emotions of anger and pain and never once became defensive. He loves them so much, and he really listened to them and acknowledged their feelings. I felt so blessed to witness this incredible healing, and so happy to share my love with the children, and with Jon.

​Deborah and Jade made great strides that first day, and although Damion was able to express his feelings as well, he still seemed “stuck.” Little did we know how incredibly “unstuck” he would become very soon! And indeed, as Jon so beautifully stated, Jade came out of her one-on-one absolutely glowing. She looked incredibly lighter, for Divine Mother had lifted so much from her sweet soul and swept it away. Jade was smiling and giggling that great Jade giggle.

Day Two

JON: The second day was even better. We met in the morning, again at the apartment on the ninth floor where Divine Mother was staying. After our meditation, it was down to intensives again. It really took a lot out of us, emotionally. In the afternoon it was Deborah’s turn to spend time alone with Divine Mother in a one-on-one session. I felt blessed a thousand times over, knowing that Deborah was so ready for her spiritual awakening. She emerged from her private session with Divine Mother lighter than air, with a sparkle in her eyes, hugging and laughing and at last at peace with herself.

Towards the end of the day, I was with Damion on the balcony. He had had a hard day of it. In fact he was in tears, looking up at the sky. I went over to him and hugged him, but he kept saying he felt so lost. I ran into the room and looked at Divine Mother. She smiled, for she already knew what I was going to ask. I said, “Could you see Damion for a one-on-one?” “Yes,” she replied. At that moment we had been preparing to leave, but Jane told me to stay with him. “He needs you now,” she said. So off Damion went with Divine Mother into the other room. Three hours later, he re-appeared, radiant, beaming from ear to ear. Thank you, Divine Mother—thank you, thank you, Divine Mother. He has not stopped beaming ever since. I’m crying as I write this—thank you, thank you.

JANE: I think it was on the second day that Deborah really opened up and shared all of her pain and frustrations. I felt like a cheerleader, cheering her on, because I had been aware of some of the things bothering her, deep inside. I remember telling her over a year ago, that I sensed that some of her sadness came from the fact that while she was taking care of her siblings and friends, no one was nurturing her. I felt that she needed and deserved to be nurtured, and held, and “filled up,” rather than constantly filling up others. She is so incredibly strong and capable, that she often neglects herself while she looks after everyone else. And I was sure that was a lonely place. So when she cried and told Jade and Damion that she loved them but she couldn’t be their mother anymore, I cried with her, and was so proud of her. I just love her so much. And then she kept going, and shared her anger over her mother, who seems to have done nothing but treat her with spite, anger, disrespect and cruelty. I was in shock. I thought I knew how horribly their mother had treated the children, but it was far worse than I had imagined. So, with Divine Mother’s Light and Love, the healing really began for Deborah. Divine Mother was so gentle and so beautiful, so nurturing. And for our part, we all hugged Deborah and let her know we were all there for her. And then, Deborah got her one-on-one and seemed so much more at peace with herself—very happy in a lovely, quiet way.

And then, of course, there was sweet Damion. You could see all day that although he was doing the work, sharing his feelings and expressing his love, he still seemed to be struggling. And so, as Jon has said, at the end of the day when he and Damion were outside on the balcony, Jon could feel Damion literally shaking. Jon asked, and Divine Mother took Damion in for a one-on-one. Jon wanted me to wait with him, but I said, “No, I think it would mean a lot to your son if you waited here alone, so he can have his dad all to himself when he comes out.” So I went back to our hotel and had a lovely meditation.

​During the next three hours, Jon kept phoning me, saying with a tone of awe in his voice “He’s still in there!” I laughed and felt so happy for Damion! Finally, there was a knock on the door, and there were Jon and Damion standing in the hallway. And was Damion a sight to behold!!! Grinning from ear to ear. I felt an incredible aura of love and happiness around him. Gosh, his face was so amazing! His one-on-one experience with Divine Mother was one of the most wonderful I have ever heard. What a blessing for him, and for us all. I cannot tell you how changed Damion was, and has remained. I was, and am, overjoyed. For myself, I felt as if Damion could finally really start to let me in, to accept my love, and this was one of the greatest gifts I received. I already felt close to the girls, and was hoping that I could complete the circle with Damion. In that moment, I knew my wish had come true!

Day Three

​JON: By the time the third day came, we were all in seventh heaven. Damion brought his friend Clare. We’ve known Clare for a while, and remembered her as very sweet and shy. Yet, to the delight of everyone she was telling Divine Mother her thoughts, her problems, and eventually was to see most of them fly away out of the window, thanks to the one-on-one with Divine Mother. We laughed a lot that day, and had very long meditations—such a wonderful atmosphere. It was also on this third day that Divine Mother blessed Jane and myself with one-on-ones. I must say, that I have never seen Divine Mother so funny and animated, dancing with my Mom in the spirit. I just could not stop laughing throughout most of my one-on-one.

​JANE: It was so great to see Clare come into the Light. I had met her on earlier trips and really felt she was special. When she arrived at Divine Mother’s you could barely hear her when she spoke. She was very shy and seemed to shrink into herself. But when she came out of her one-on-one, she was bright, more self-assured, and very audible!! Such grace from Divine Mother. How very lucky we all are!

Day Four

JON: The last day proved to be just as exciting as the others. My nephew, Julian, who is very close to Damion, came over for the session. He had met Divine Mother last year, and was the life and soul of the party, with his happy smile. He was so overjoyed to be with Divine Mother again that in no time at all, he too, was having a one-on-one. His main reaction was that it was the “true level.” He uses the word ‘level’ in every sentence, but this was the “true level.”

Also with us that day, was a lady called Kat, a friend of the children. She spent most of the time just smiling at Divine Mother and seemed happy to be there just to witness everything. Later, she had us all in fits of laughter when we decided to capture the event on film. Kat is a professional photographer and, well, it was just the way she took the photos—peeping around the side of the camera at all of us surrounding Divine Mother. With such love and joy in the air, we just couldn’t stop giggling. I hope the photos are all in focus.

By four in the afternoon, Deborah had to go and finish moving into her new apartment, with her new spiritual heart intact. Damion, beaming away, said his fond farewells, and Julian on the “spiritual level” went with him. Only Jade was left, looking a little sad. We asked how she was, and she told Divine Mother it had been a tough year, with her real mother not being at all friendly. Jade is such a sweet girl. Well, Divine Mother said, “come with me,” and off Jade went for a final boost of Divine Mother’s Love, and she has never turned back since.

JANE: Jon has described the day perfectly. What can I say? I soaked up every second I could get. Jon and I gladly accepted every invitation for breakfast and dinner with Divine Mother, Tad, Liz and Stephen, and basked in the Love and Light. One of the wonderful bonuses of the trip was being able to spend time sharing more intimately with Tad, Liz and Stephen—“the gang.” It was great to get to know them better, and I thank them for being so gracious.

​The last afternoon all the children left for various reasons and Jon and I found ourselves alone with Divine Mother and “the gang.” So we had a beautiful long meditation. Earlier when the children were still there, Divine Mother had led us all on a “forgiveness” meditation, and it was so beautiful for me, so healing to wash the feet of all the people who had hurt me. I was what I would call “blissed out.” So when we then went into the long meditation, I was humming with Love—just overwhelmed with feelings of love. Divine Mother brings me so much Light, so much happiness, so many beautiful gifts, that I sometimes just think of her face and cry tears of gratitude and love. She is Divine Mother to me. I do not know a word that would adequately describe the depth of my gratitude to her for spending that time with us in London, for healing the wounds of so many beautiful souls, and for bringing my new family back together. Hallelujah!!

JON AND JANE: Thank you Divine Mother, we were all so blessed to have the opportunity to be close to the power of Divine Mother for those precious, wonderful days. Dreams do come true, and prayers are always answered...

JON: To see my children become spiritually awakened in this life is all I could ever wish for. As I said to Stephen before we left, “I hope you have the same happen to you.” My hope is that everyone might find the Light in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you, Divine Mother...

​JANE: Amen!!

​JANE AND JON: Thank you, Divine Mother, for your tireless work in helping us toward the Light, we are so blessed to know you in this lifetime!!