Travel in Europe with Divine Mother

Stephen Lee

When I left Honolulu for Europe, I was surprised to see Spiritual Family members Michael and Linda Lau, who came to the airport to see me off. They were so happy for me; and they sent me off on my trip with two beautiful leis. It was a long trip, but no problem. It gave me an opportunity to meditate and be alone with myself.

​Geneva is beautiful from the air—beautiful lakes, quaint cottages and the magnificent Alps in the distance. Divine Mother called to welcome me when I arrived. It was comforting to hear her voice. That night, Divine Mother treated us to dinner at a fabulous restaurant overlooking Lake Geneva. I realized that she gives us only the finest and the best. My thoughts were with the Spiritual Family. “Such fabulous food... They would love the desserts...Fukashi could probably make them!” I envision them one day traveling with Divine Mother, supporting the Light—an entourage of Spiritual Family.

Throughout the trip, Divine Mother graced us with meditations. Divine Mother gave me a private, one-on-one meditation session in which I saw my children crying and saying, “I want to know you, Daddy.” I felt that they ached for my love; and I felt a tremendous longing for them to know God and feel safe, free and happy as they move through life. I immediately telephoned each of my children from Geneva to share with them and they were so receptive.

​Later, in another one-on-one session, Kwan Yin appeared in tears. She changed to my Grandmother, who said, in tears, “the family is in discord and pain.” She asked me to take the message to the family that she was grieving for them and they should move to the love—that God is Love, and that her Love, Kwan Yin’s Love and Divine Mother’s Love are all the same. I immediately telephoned my sister, Roberta and shared the one-on-one with her and got my Aunt’s telephone number; then phoned my Aunt. I felt the messages I was receiving just could not wait until I got home, and I had to call them from Geneva. I am profoundly grateful for the time Divine Mother spent with me; and the messages I received from the Spirit.

We visited the lake, gardens and the beautiful city. What great exercise and how exciting to experience this all with Divine Mother! We just seem to flow along. It was a lesson for me to enjoy the moment and just flow! After lunch, we had the opportunity to meditate with Divine Mother. I know that in the future, Divine Mother will be so busy that these private times with her will be fewer and fewer. The masses will come and Divine Mother will be addressing them in huge forums. How blessed we are to have these intimate, personal sessions with her.

We also took a trip to Chamonix. Boy, was it cold! There had been an avalanche so we couldn’t go any further, but I figured I was with Divine Mother and was under God’s protection, so what was there to fear? Nothing! The mountains are awesome—mud, snow, slush, COLD—but beautiful. Luckily, we live in Hawaii—be grateful for warm weather!

When we visited the United Nations, which was surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards dressed in camouflage fatigues with automatic weapons, we got in—no problem (doors just seem to open up for Divine Mother)—taking the message of the Ninth Path to the World. “God is Love,” she says, “the greatest power in the Universe.” As I spent time on the trip with her, I thought of the millions who will yearn to be with her. How blessed I was to be on this trip with her! Whatever concerns we have, Divine Mother leads us back to ourselves and to the answers within.

​While we were in Geneva, Divine Mother invited me to London to attend the intensives with Jon and Jane Anderson’s family. I had to see if I could change my itinerary; and in doing so I experienced the first lesson that the messenger brought to Divine Mother—flexibility! Our minds get so conditioned and we get so set in our ways. How wonderful to be able to practice flexibility—to just flow. I followed my heart and put God first. One step for God and 1000+ will return. Through Divine Mother’s grace, I was able to change my reservations and ended up in London!

In London, the four-day session flew by! My heart rejoiced when we first got there and Jon and Jane met his three children. I witnessed their love, bonding and healing. Divine Mother had come thousands of miles and spent each day with the Anderson family. What grace it was for them to heal and come to deeper understanding. Divine Mother, through her Love, led them from experience to experience. What a privilege to be a part of this and to witness Divine Mother’s Love in action and also to realize that God’s Love is here for all of us.

​I thank God for the experiences and for the opportunity to support Divine Mother’s Light. I thank God for the beautiful trip and for the opportunity to travel with Divine Mother. I went to Europe because I wanted to witness God’s Light—Divine Mother’s Light. But I’ve gained so much more—more than I can even fathom. So much grace was showered on me. Thank you, Divine Mother, for your guidance and for the opportunity to serve, and for your Love.