January 1, 2000

January 2000 Newsletter

(Volume 3, Number 1)

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Welcoming in the New Millennium

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Millennium Celebration. The spiritual family was filled with joy to be together in Honolulu to bid adieu to 1999, and to welcome in the new Millennium, sending our love and highest prayers to our brothers and sisters throughout the world. We share now the highest prayers of the spiritual family in this newsletter. May you find these prayers uplifting and inspiring. May you incorporate these beautiful prayers in your daily life, and be in remembrance of our global family from that place in your heart that speaks of love and selflessness. Happy New Millennium everyone, and may you always remember Divine Mother’s beautiful words that giving is life!

Spiritual Family Prayer’s for the World

I pray to God that all the children of the world will experience Divine Mother’s Light. May those children who have no voice be given a voice through the grace of Divine Mother. May those children who are locked in grief be able to cry and experience Divine Mother’s peace. May those children who have no childhood be given back their childhood and all the spontaneous joy their hearts can hold. And I pray to God that all the abused, parentless children will be healed and brought to their wholesomeness by the Love and nurturing of their true mother, Divine Mother.

John Christianson

Dear God of all, I pray through Your grace that the hearts of mankind will be given totally, instantly, and without resistance to Divine Mother; may the hearts of my brothers and sisters of the world be given in humility and reverence to Divine Mother, that the chains of longstanding ignorance and imprisonment be broken and that all hearts be filled with the infinite grace, peace, truth, and Love of God for all eternity. May all souls support and courageously protect Divine Mother Audrey as she takes Sri Ramakrishna’s Light to the world; may they be unswerving in their love, devotion, obedience, and one-pointed focus to Divine Mother, that the world be restored to a gracious state of self-dignity, balance, and pure love and that mankind be transported to universal consciousness through Divine Mother’s grace.
Roberta Christianson

My highest prayer is for the world to be touched by all the Light and Love I have received from Divine Mother and Divine Mother Audrey. I wish that everyone can have the peace, love, and happiness in their lives and feel all the love that I have in my heart so there is no anger, hatred, bigotry, racism, violence or any negativity, but only love and joy in their hearts.
Joni Tamashiro

May you come to know and understand your true nature which is divine. You are all the precious and beloved children of God. May peace and compassion enter your heart and dwell with you each and every day you walk upon this earth replacing fear, anger, hatred, prejudice and resentments. May you come to know, accept, and experience the all encompassing, embracing and nurturing Love of our Divine Mother ... unconditional, infinite and partial to none. May your lives be filled with dignity and respect regardless of your religion, color, sex, or cultural differences.
Mary Farkash

May we find within ourselves a loving and humble heart with which to honor Your loving Presence in our lives.
Roland Matsuda

Bless God’s children, Divine Mother and Divine Mother Audrey. May we be granted the wish to love one another and follow our hearts. Guide us through the paths of temptation and steer us in the right direction. Bless all creatures large and small and protect them with Your divine Love.
Meg Loomis

I pray for my brothers and sisters around the world that they may find the peace of Divine Mother and God. That they may love one another and live in harmony with each other. I pray for those in the world who hunger and starve that they may be fed and clothed. I pray for those that suffer illness and poor health that they may come to know God and be healed. I pray for those who are persecuted that they may become free from persecution. I pray for those who are going through tough emotional times that they may weather the storm. I pray for those who are mentally ill and unstable that they become well and whole again. I pray for those who sacrifice themselves for others that they may serve God and be loved and served in return. I pray for the ill in spirit that they will see the Light of God. I pray for God’s guidance and blessings for all sexes, races, creeds, societies, nations and countries. I pray for God’s blessing for all of the children of the world. I pray for tolerance, compassion, and forbearance among all. I pray that the Love of God will be realized by all and that we can live in love and devotion to God.
Stephen Lee

May we rise from oppression to liberation, from silence to expression, from degradation to a life of self-respect and dignity, from darkness and ignorance to enlightenment and expansiveness, and to embrace ourselves with love and compassion for therein lies our true Godself.
Joyce Henna

To God’s children of the world, realize that the kingdom of God is within you. Live life with an open heart. Accept all of life’s experiences without question, for life’s experiences, whether good or bad, will lead us back to ourselves, to our hearts. Praise God, for He is the Doer, the Controller, and the Destroyer. Know yourself and love yourself, for everything begins with yourself. Love God first.
Clyde Harada

I send you my love, and wish for all of you the many blessings I have received. I pray that whatever path you are on, you will come to know the perfection of God within you—and know that you are a perfect child of God. You have an immortal soul that will never die. I pray that you may see God’s Hand in all that you experience in life, and that you find peace in knowing that everything we experience is for our evolvement. I pray that whatever difficulties you may face in life, that you find strength and courage through your love and devotion to God—for with God, all things are possible. With God’s Love, and His strength, we will be able to overcome all obstacles. I pray that in your search for the truth, that someday your path will lead you to Divine Mother, for through her, I have found the way home, and I have experienced God’s unconditional Love.
Esther Ueda

I wish for all of you, all the love and grace we have received from Divine Mother and Divine Mother Audrey.
Yvonne Kagihara

Please bless every man, woman, and child with Your unconditional Love, God consciousness, and freedom from oppression and fears. May they live in peace and joy in their hearts. May their lives be dignified.
Mae Nakao

May all of the individuals, communities, and nations of the world foster love, respect and tolerance for their fellow man. And may all bow their heads and open their hearts to the universal Light of Sri Ramakrishna.
David Kwock

My highest prayer for the six billion people of Mother Earth is to hear Divine Mother Audrey’s message that God is Love—unconditional Love—and that everyone can experience this in daily life.
Kathy Anzai

To all my beautiful brothers and sisters of the world, I pray that you may receive and experience the magnificence and beauty of God’s Love and peace as I have from our beloved Divine Mother and Divine Mother Audrey. May you live your life with dignity, self-respect, love, and compassion, and with deep love, devotion, and gratitude to God.
Soozie Kawakami

May my brothers and sisters seek to love You ever deeper and know You ever more in their hearts and may their consciousness ever be situated on You. May they find You, honor and revere You everywhere—within themselves, others, within all of Your creation and through all experiences. May they honor their precious lives and live in gratitude for Your presence in their lives. May they share their love with others and live in honor, respect, and appreciation for their fellow man, so that all the brothers and sisters of the world unite in their love for You. May they love You with all their hearts and make You first in their lives, for You are the totality of who we are and what life is. It is Your Love that is everything.
Sarah Christianson

May you meet and know Divine Mother Audrey and find the peace of God that is within your heart. May you always have a positive loving relationship with yourself first that you may share this with others. May you have an open, appreciative, and grateful heart for Divine Mother, Sri Ramakrishna, and God.
Charlotte Yamamoto

My highest prayer for my brothers and sisters throughout the world is to be touched by Divine Mother’s Light that Divine Mother Audrey is carrying. May they be blessed as I so that they may live life in dignity and grow ever in compassion for one another and become ever so grateful and devoted to God. I wish them to be happy, free of persecution and degradation. I wish them pure freedom and the joy of living. I wish for the people who lack abundance to have food and nourishment so that starvation is ended. I want suffering to end.
Clyde Higuchi

May all feel God’s Love and peace in their hearts, that they can be grateful for the graces in their lives, and come to the awareness that each experience in life is a blessing and an opportunity to learn, change, evolve, grow, and to deepen love and compassion for others. May they come to understand that God is within each one, and we are all one in spirit, for there is only one great God who loves all unconditionally, and the different forms that each one takes to worship God should be respected and honored. May all foster in our hearts love for ourselves and of God so that we can shine God’s Love to others to bring peace and love to this universe. May we all unite daily in meditation and prayer for our love of God and for each other, that each may be respected equally, and treated with dignity and kindness as God’s precious child.
Jeanne Petroff

May we all live with dignity and respect for ourselves and others, and live each moment with joy and gratitude. I pray for the safety and well-being of everyone in the world, especially those who have suffered natural disasters and oppression, and for our leaders that they may receive God’s guidance.
Linda Lau

I pray that You may cleanse all hearts, minds, and bodies and fill them with Your Light and wisdom.
Joseph Madamba

For this and future generations, we want peace where there is no arms race, nuclear testing, or suppression of religions. Beginning with the year 2000 and the years that follow, we want to conserve and enhance our natural resources and environment as a living legacy of Your gift to mankind. We praise You, God, and pray that Your Love will touch each heart and fill us and the world with Your peace.
Faith Fujimura

With Thy grace, allow us to hear You, my Lord. Open our hearts to have humility. Allow us to serve You and Your children around the world with love. Help us to move through our daily activities and duties with You first in our hearts. Help us to see our perfect souls so we may love and respect ourselves and love and respect others.

To all in this universe, praise the works of Sri Ramakrishna and Divine Mother. They have united all religions from east to west. They have brought us to our divine and true self. We are now and forever brothers and sisters.
Glenn Chang

I wish you the blessing of God’s sweet and gentle Love this day to embrace you. May you feel Divine Mother’s Love wrap around you and fill you and those you love with hope, and inspiration, and may this Love ignite the divinity that is within you.
Casey Herrera

To be touched and blessed with Divine Mother’s Light; for each person to have the opportunity to find their true Godself; to see that all religions are man-made and that there is only one God (one Source); to be in the presence or be touched by Divine Mother Audrey’s message of Love; to know that they can break out of the bondages of life—through God’s Love; to be able to express and release to God all of the hurt, sorrow and pain that is in their hearts, and to know that the Kingdom of God is within their own hearts.
Mike Nomura

First and foremost I pray for Divine Mother Audrey, who is taking Your message of Love to the world. I pray for the people in all the countries that Divine Mother Audrey visits, that they may embrace the Light and welcome Divine Mother Audrey and her messages of Love from God. I pray for our president and Congress, leaders of our state legislature and organizations, those who serve the government, and the NGOs, and the staff that support them. I pray for the leaders of every country, for the people of every country, that God’s Light will help them to lead lives of grace, beauty, and joy—within and without. I pray for the students, administration, faculty, and staff of universities throughout the world so that they would be enriched in spirit, have joy in their service and become more expansive and promote true learning, the integration of spirit, mind, and body through the Light. I pray that families throughout the world—nuclear, traditional, nontraditional, and extended—will be touched by Your Light and live in grace and dignity. I pray for the disabled, the sick, and the imprisoned, that they may experience Your highest Love and be whole in spirit. I pray for the seekers and for those who are lost, that they may experience Your highest Love and be blessed by all the grace that I have received from You. I pray that I may in my lifetime be able to do my best to support Divine Mother Audrey.
Liz Kunimoto

I pray for all my brothers and sisters throughout the world that they might find God’s Love in their hearts, so that there will be peace between all peoples of the world.
Helen Kaprielian

O Divine Mother, let the world come together in peace and harmony. Let the love from each of our hearts help to change the world around us. Let not race, creed, culture or age be an obstacle to the peace you offer each one of us. Let each person have the freedom to seek their own path and destiny to God realization. Let Divine Mother’s message reach millions of people.
Gary Umeda

Lord, I pray that You extend Your wisdom to our political leaders to embrace spirituality so God becomes a number one priority—for in God everything is positive.
Jose Madamba

May God bless and keep you safe. May Divine Mother bless each and everyone with her Light. May she bring happiness and joy to your lives. May she spare you from darkness and despair. May she spare you from wars and violence. May peace be with you throughout your life.
Raymond Wong

Divine Mother, I pray that our brothers and sisters throughout the world can truly feel your Love and presence in their hearts. May You bless them that they will have the opportunity to meet our beloved Divine Mother Audrey.
Gloria Madamba

O Divine Mother, grant my brothers and sisters throughout the world the experience of your pure unconditional Love and grace.
Todd Loomis

May the Love of God in your heart always see the beauty in all. May we bear no judgement, for the Spirit of God lives in each one.
Shirley Nakachi

I pray that we can look to the beauty in each one’s heart, accept diversity, have compassion, respect each other, take care of our children, guide them and provide for them with loving hearts. Most of all I pray that people throughout the world can receive Divine Mother’s infinite Love.
Lloyd Nakamura, Jr.

I pray for love, peace, and happiness for all. May every child feel safe and loved.
Lynn Iwamoto

Please Lord, help those sisters and brothers of this world who are suffering from malnutrition and sickness; these innocent brothers and sisters who are suffering from wars over which they have no control. Please help them find peace and joy in their hearts.
Raymond Kitayama

I pray that you have the strength to seek and realize God within your heart.
Gary Maeda

May each one be absolved of their guilt and fears. May their lives be touched by Your grace, unconditional Love and divine peace.
Fran Kawamura

I pray that your life will be touched by Divine Mother’s Light, and may you feel the beauty and joy of Divine Mother’s unconditional Love. When you face adversity, may you feel Divine Mother’s Love carrying and uplifting you.
Mark Nomura

I pray that every man, woman, and child, will receive the highest love from God that I have humbly received through Divine Mother. I pray that their thirst will be quenched with the truth, their eyes will be opened to treating others with respect and dignity, and their pain, suffering, and hurt may be lessened so they can live and learn in a dignified way. I ask that this beautiful Light that Divine Mother graciously brought to the world may be felt by all, for this Light is for all. I pray that anger, hatred, greed, and ugliness against others will be put to rest and replaced by love, dignity, and respect for all. May all join hands in unity and know that divine love exists in each one of us, so that we may live together in harmony, peace, and joy in the oneness of Your eternal, everlasting Love. Lord, I thank You for hearing my prayer.
Denise Yota

O Divine Mother, may each one surrender to Your will and accept every experience as Your will. May they live their lives with dignity, self-respect, courage, self-confidence, and always with faith in You. May they know within their hearts that the Kingdom of God is already within them. May they find peace in knowing that they are already one with You and that You will never forsake them. May they have gratitude, humility, and reverence to You. May they live without judgement towards others and themselves.
Randy Tamaru

Bless all the brothers and sisters of the world who are suffering. Bless them with Your infinite Love so that they will feel Your Presence. Help them and guide them, nurse and mend them in spirit.
Beatrice Kitayama

Thank You, God, for all of the infinite blessings I have received. Thank You, God, for changing my whole life and for giving me so much love! Because I have received so much, I want to share all of this great love I have received with all of my brothers and sisters of the world. Thank You, God, for everything!
Jan Tamashiro

Please send Sri Ramakrishna’s Light out to all the far corners of the world. May Your love and peace be felt in each heart.
Charlotte Ichiyama

I hope that the people of the world turn toward their heart for guidance and find their Godself. May they open their hearts and be grateful for every experience, great or small. May they be accepting of each other, so that there may be peace and harmony on earth.
Scott Kanamori

O Divine Mother, may your beautiful blessings open the hearts of our brothers and sisters in the world to receive your Light, so that they may realize their oneness with you, and the joy of loving you and being loved by you.
Sudhir Mehta

Dear Divine Mother, I pray that your Light and Love will go out to all my dear brothers and sisters throughout the world, bringing to them your Love and peace, and the awareness that there is only one power in the universe and that is God and God is Love. I pray that each one will have love for himself and for all the people of the world wherever they may come from, however they may appear, and whatever they believe or practice, and that each one will practice love and devotion to God in such a way as to cause no harm to anyone or any thing, nurturing all the people, living things, and resources of this world and beyond.
Ken Johnson

May God bless all the people in the world with His Love, Light and infinite wisdom, and may they find peace in their hearts.
Ida Evans

Shine Your Light into the hearts of all to know You and love You. Take all animosity away between peoples and allow them to see that they are all one.
Pete Pusateri

May You come alive in the hearts of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. May Your Love, peace and infinite wisdom blossom into the highest love, dignity and respect for You, one another and ourselves. May we be in constant remembrance of Your infinite Love, Light and grace. Humbly, I thank You for being my Beloved.
Tatou Mehta

Thank You for giving us Divine Mother and Divine Mother Audrey, for they have helped us so much with their spiritual Love and wisdom. Bless the people of the world who need peace and order. Let the people have mutual understanding so that their families may live with happiness.
Serafina Asuncion

I pray that everyone will be able to learn life’s lessons from every challenge and experience, develop healthy habits and attitudes, and to move closer to the realization that their true selves are divine. I pray that all of the brothers and sisters of the world will learn to give out, develop compassion and empathy, and translate that into selfless thoughts, words, and actions.
Laurie Moore

May Divine Mother send Love, peace and grace to all of our brothers and sisters so that they may find their true happiness within their hearts.
Alan Ichiyama

Dear Divine Mother, may we all come to love you, and lovingly, humbly, gratefully, joyfully bow our heads with love and gratitude to you.
Val Valentine

May you find peace, happiness, and love. May your body and mind be well-nourished. May your heart be filled with love and compassion. May you feel love for your brothers and sisters everywhere.
Ted Kanamori

My beloved God, the Creator of the entire universe. I pray for Your presence in each of our hearts so that we may hold You most high and in our works glorify Thee. Please make Your Presence known to every being so that we can acknowledge You as the only power, the one power for our spiritual evolvement.
Tad Kunimoto

I pray that all of my brothers and sisters throughout the world will be blessed by Divine Mother Audrey’s message of Love and Light and that no matter who they are, what their life’s circumstances may be, and what path they may have chosen to find God, that they will open their hearts to receive this message.

I pray that the children of this world of all races, cultures, and social classes realize the love in their hearts and dignify this love with the example of their lives.
Lane Nakamura

We are all from the same God, only our paths to Him are different. Let us put aside our differences and move from that loving place in our hearts. Let us harmonize, give peace and goodwill to each and every person throughout the world.
Myrna Nakamura

Bless my brothers and sisters throughout the world. Shine Your great Light on each and every one that they may come to their divinity and find peace and comfort in Your Love. May each one feel the oneness of universal brotherhood in the Love of the one great God. May there be peace and love among all mankind. Thank You, Divine Mother, for your grace.
Edith Sakai

May we all come to know and love ourselves so that we may understand each other, love one another, have compassion and kindness for one another, respect each person’s path in life, greet each day, each experience with gratitude and joy, take each experience as a spiritual one, grow in greater awareness, praise God daily, find greater joy in our lives, cherish this beautiful gift of life we have been given.
Michael Lau

Please bring peace, joy and mercy to all of my brothers and sisters throughout the world. Please take away hunger, poverty and suffering, hatred, prejudice, bigotry, fears, anxieties, and obsession in acquiring material things. Replace them all with Your infinite Love in their hearts so they, in turn, can give Your Love to one another.
Jimmy Tamashiro

Please bless and protect Divine Mother Audrey as she takes Divine Mother’s Light to the world so that all of my brothers and sisters can come to know the truth about themselves and see the beauty, abundance, joy, peace and love that each precious moment of life has to offer.
Dwight Oda

The prayer for all my brothers and sisters in the world is to find the true God Self within. I pray that everyone will be able to have the love and compassion for each other.
Walter Oshiro

Love God first and all things will come. Love God and praise God always.
Pat Oshiro

Thank You, Divine Mother, for spreading God’s Light to the world. May each person receive and realize God within. May the veil of ignorance be lifted from everyone so they may achieve God consciousness. May God’s Love flow through each and every heart and manifest throughout the world.
Phil Norris

To have the love in our hearts conquer and replace the sadness, pain and suffering that cover our hearts from the Light.
Bobby Tamashiro

Lord, thank You for this unconditional Love. May this Love touch all the people of the world. May each one of us touch the divinity within ourselves and know that peace, Love, Light and joy reside within each one of us.
Lee Ann Serizawa

May You show everyone how to be in harmony within themselves and to live in harmony with each other. May they know that You are Love and that You are in each and every one of them.
Rodney Tamashiro

May all people on earth come to know God’s Love, act only from love, be free from oppression, and gain access to God’s abundance.
Peter Valentine

I wish, Lord, to thank You for so much grace in my life. Please, my Lord, make it possible that others receive so much grace and mercy.
Claudia Dunham

I pray for my brothers and sisters in the world that they will find the same peace, happiness, and love that I found on this beautiful path.
Cheryl Asato

Love God first and all worries will disappear, and all your heart’s questions will be answered.

May all of my brothers and sisters find Divine Mother, who is my King of Kings, so that they can feel the tremendous love, joy and happiness that I have since starting my journey on this path.
Michael Murai

I wandered so long before meeting Divine Mother. Thank You so much for sending Divine Mother’s Light to the world. Through her great Love and sacrifice I have been brought back from the throes of despair to You, dear Lord. I wish this Light for all my brothers and sisters throughout the world. May Divine Mother’s brilliance touch their hearts and souls and bring them the everlasting peace and love that she so graciously and lovingly bestowed upon me and my family. I love You, dear Lord, and my beautiful Divine Mother with my whole heart and soul. Amen.
Pam Ganske

I begin this moment in praise of God! May God’s Love and Light illuminate the entire universe, touching each life, lifting each soul. It is my sincerest wish that the love and joy I have been so blessed to receive may radiate and extend to each and every brother and sister, that they may also experience the awesome power of God’s Light and Love.
Ruby Mizue

May every person in this world be able to experience Divine Mother’s Love and Light just as I have. May we all find peace, love, and compassion within our hearts. May we have deep reverence, respect, and love for God. May we all have the courage to live life with dignity, respect, and true devotion in our hearts. I hope to live my life as a shining example of Divine Mother’s Love.
Kim Kitagawa

May all be blessed with the awakening of the God consciousness that is within them, and have humble hearts filled with love, respect and reverence.
Bob Meagher

I pray that before this year ends, each soul on earth will turn to You wherever they are, transformed and filled with Your compassionate, loving heart.

I wish you love, peace in your heart, safety, acknowledgment of your beautiful, pure soul, happiness, joy, laughter, good health, food for your body, food for your soul, time for yourself to treat yourself kindly, shelter, warmth, a big hug, courage and strength, especially when times are hard, a way to take out your anger, not on your children, and the knowledge that God is alive here and now, is closer than ever, inside you, and you can feel His Love through Divine Mother.
Iris Ishikawa

O Divine One, may the Love that is You manifest in all beings. May they all be blessed with Your peace, love and joy. May the Love that is You take away the darkness. May You shine in our hearts and unite us all in Your Love.
Lloyd Nakamura

You are loved. You are saved. May you be at peace.
Meredith Kwock

May everyone be touched by Divine Mother’s Light, be able to see the beauty in all things, and realize that every experience is for evolvement.

My dear Lord, please allow my brothers and sisters throughout the world feel Your unconditional love, know that You are the symbol of hope, know that no fear can reside in You, understand that we are here on earth to realize God, know what it is to give and receive love, be able to experience the miracles of spiritual evolvement, be able to feel God’s inner peace and joy, live a dignified life, with respect and love for oneself, and know that peace in the world begins with each one of us.
Elaine Ogata

We humbly ask You, oh God, to bless us all so that all living creatures may receive Your grace, the ultimate joy, and peace that is You. We offer our humble hearts to You in grateful remembrance.
David Farkash

May Divine Mother shine her beautiful Light of Love that others may experience all blessings that have been bestowed on me. May this Love permeate throughout the universe so we can live more harmoniously.
Becky Nakamura

My highest prayer for my brothers and sisters throughout the world is for them all to know the beauty and Love of God. I hope that they find themselves, find their direction, and love themselves completely. May their relationship with themselves allow them to improve their lives and those around them. I pray that they will enjoy a life of peace, love, joy, and harmony everyday.
Jared Kagihara

May your days be filled with joy and nights with peace. May your children be blessed with experiencing the bliss of God’s Love through the loving actions of their parents. May you find a way to forgive the wayward actions of your brothers and sisters who unknowingly or knowingly have wronged you. May you move through life with greater compassion, love, and understanding for people who come into your life. May you show the love and appreciation to those closest to you in your daily deeds and communion. May you take time to care for yourselves and say loving things to yourselves—for you are perfect children of God. May you grow in your love and devotion to God—through whom all things are given. May this love and devotion fill your hearts with joy and burst into an eternal flame that ignites the hearts of others around you. May you pray for others, so that they too can know this joy, peace, and love in their hearts. May you live each moment of this precious life as if it were your last—filled with dignity and loving praise to God and all experiences that God has graced you with in this lifetime.
Brent Kunimoto

May all hearts be open to experience Divine Mother’s Love.
Adrienne Hosokawa

Dear God, with Divine Mother’s presence, please guide all my spiritual brothers and sisters on this beautiful journey. All my life I have searched, and finally have found my God.
Doris Chinen

O beloved Divine Mother, please fill the aching hearts of the world with your loving Presence, shine brightly into everyone’s heart to root out the darkness, and please touch the leaders of the world, so they may know God in their hearts. Please shine your Light to the poor and downtrodden for they are not allowed a strong voice in our society. Please shine your Light to the children, for they are the future leaders of tomorrow.
Randy Serizawa

May you open your heart so that you may enjoy God’s Love. May you experience happiness, peace and bliss. May you enjoy the abundance of God. And may you experience the God that is within you.
Gerald Nakamura

May you feel the power and joy of God’s Love and the comfort of God’s peace in all you experience. May Divine Mother’s Light fill you up and bring compassion and love to your hearts for your brothers and sisters throughout the world.
Karen Harimoto

My highest prayer for all of my brothers and sisters is that each being develops reverence and gratefulness in each heart for this great gift of God’s life, and respect the sacred divinity within each other.
Doris Niiyama

Dear God, please bless my brothers and sisters throughout this world with the infinite Love and peace that is Divine Mother.
Sheri Mayo

I pray that each of my brothers and sisters throughout the world may realize the pure Love of God in their hearts.
Cathy Oda

May there be peace, happiness, non-violence, and tolerance among our brothers and sisters throughout the world without any racial barriers. May starvation be eliminated and may there be abundance of food for every human being.

May You bless each and every brother and sister in the world, that they may experience Your tremendous love and grace in their lives. May You replace their pain with Your Love. May You replace their sadness with Your joy. May You take away their hunger and replace it with Your sustenance. May each and everyone come to love You with deep devotion and reverence. God bless Divine Mother Audrey as she carries Sri Ramakrishna’s Light to the world.
Bobbi Chinen

Please let all of my brothers and sisters find You, God, so that we may all become One once again.
Jolene Lee

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