October 1, 1999

October 1999 Newsletter

(Volume 2, Number 3)

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Visit Our New Website

Thanks to the hard work of Nolan Tamashiro, we now have our own website.  Nolan, thank you for the professional work that you did in creating this beautiful website, and our continued appreciation for the future updates which you will provide.

Welcoming in the New Millennium

The spiritual family will be welcoming in the year 2000 with a special week of meditation and intensives commencing December 27th, and culminating in meditation at midnight, December 31, 1999. Christmas Day dinner at 6:00 PM, as well as our annual remembrance of Divine Mother’s initiation day on December 26th at 9:00 AM are open to the whole spiritual family. A New Year’s Day lunch at noon is also open to everyone.

Congratulations to Our New Initiates

Congratulations to our new initiates: Jade, Damion and Deborah Anderson, Meredith Kwock, Hiroko Fujimoto, Audrey Kwock, Micah Ganske, Jared Kagihara, Jeane Yamamoto.

The New Jersey Intensives

Travels continue with the spiritual family. Many thanks to Tatou and Sudhir Mehta for hosting the New Jersey meditation intensives in their lovely home. Gathering there were Tom Farkash, Mary and David Farkash, Annie, Duffy and Meredith Kwock, Edith Sakai, Roberta, John and Sarah Christianson, and Leni Davis. Each person has a powerful story to share; stories of transformation, insight, awareness, and ever deepening love. Due to space limitations in this issue, we are not able to include everyone’s beautiful sharing. We hope to do so in future issues. We appreciate the enthusiasm of each person who so willingly came forth with their testimonials.

Experiences are not always easy to face, as these true life stories shared so courageously with our readers will reveal. When we come to know God, we come to understand that each experience serves as a stepping stone in our spiritual evolvement, propelling us to seek out the One Source from which we can find true peace, love and eternal life. Ever are we in the loving hands of God, and there is nowhere we can be that God is not. May you find these stories inspiring, and may they help us to understand that the most powerful force in the universe is the power of God’s Love. This Love that heals our wounded hearts, that overcomes our darkest fears, that frees us from the chains of guilt, is already within you, the closest of all!

Edith Sakai’s Testimonial

My Son’s Passing: A Celebration of Love

​It’s not easy being a mother who’s lost a thirty-one year old son—my only child. This happened to me on May 17, 1999. Divine Mother had spoken of “when the big wave comes...” I am currently making plans for the inurnment and making decisions every mother should be spared—like what to do with his clothing, how to go about closing his bank accounts, what to say to his friends. (Read More)

Tatou Mehta’s Testimonial

A Journey to Freedom

My hair has grown and fallen out many times since the time I was 13, at times leaving me completely bald. I felt a constant, underlying fear of the wind, tripping, babies that might pull hair, children that might play rough, or the one false move that would send my wig flying and leave me totally humiliated! For this reason I’ve always felt bound and constrained, unable to move naturally and freely. A few months prior to Divine Mother’s arrival, I started going everywhere without my wig because I didn’t want to spend my life totally consumed by fear. (Read More)

Sudhir Mehta’s Testimonial

Becoming Aware of the Truth Within

As the last five years have gone by, Divine Mother’s Love and devotion to guide us towards our relationship to God have moved me towards true happiness and joy of living. Divine Mother’s grace has flowed to me every time I have been with Divine Mother. Her guidance and tools to convert anger, lust, greed and hurt to calm and peace has helped me go into the world more peacefully, with greater understanding and love in my heart. (Read More)

August Celebration 1999

Our heartfelt thanks to the many people from out of town who joined us for the August Celebration, as well as the Honolulu spiritual family for their tremendous support in helping to make this celebration a success. Special thanks to the Australia, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London spiritual families for their uplifting skits, and to Jade, Damion, Deborah, Jon and Jane Anderson, Michael Wyse, and Gary Maeda, for sharing their beautiful voices with their special songs.

We were happy to welcome the following newcomers to our celebration: Michael O’Flaherty, Michael Murai, Wendy Vig, Kashi Smith, Michael Wyse, Nannette Brierly, and Michael Hayes. Our August Celebration gets larger every year, as more and more people from different parts of the world ask to join us. We thank the many loving hearts and helping hands who ensure the success of this celebration. Divine Mother would be pleased indeed to see that we are diligently practicing what she asked us to do, “homogenize” with our spiritual brothers and sisters from all over the world!

Enjoy these August celebration photos.