November 1, 1999

November 1999 Newsletter

(Volume 2, Number 4)

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San Francisco Meditation Intensives

Divine Mother Audrey met with the San Francisco spiritual family twice this year, in June and October. Several members from the Honolulu spiritual family joined Divine Mother Audrey in San Francisco for the June meditation intensives. They were John, Roberta and Sarah Christianson, Edith Sakai, Asa and Edna Higuchi, and Jim and Jeanne Petroff.

Special thanks to the San Francisco spiritual family for assisting with the opening of Sumi Honda’s home for meditation. Sumi writes, “Spiritual family came through like a tornado and really worked hard cleaning, painting and doing repairs. I am so grateful to them. They did so much. I feel very fortunate. Their caring overwhelmed me. Divine Mother is truly looking after all of us. Nobody has ever given me so much love as Divine Mother and you, Divine Mother Audrey.”

Thank you Sumi for opening your home for meditation.

London Meditation Intensives, South Africa, and the Millennium Celebration

Divine Mother Audrey will hold meditation intensives in London with Jade and Deborah Anderson, and their relatives and friends during the last week of November. London will be a stopping point for Divine Mother Audrey, who will thereafter head off to South Africa for the World Parliament of Religions in Capetown. She will return in time for the Millennium Celebration which will be held in Honolulu commencing with Christmas dinner on December 25th, and concluding with lunch on New Year’s Day. Meditation intensives will be held throughout that week.​

Sarah Christianson’s Testimonial

A Wholesome Self—A Wholesome Family

Since moving to Hawaii, I feel as though I have lived a lifetime. Truly, the Grace that I have received has been incredible.

​One of the many miracles that our family experienced is that we reconnected after years of disharmony. While my mom moved back to Hawaii in 1992 and my father lived in California, my brother remained in Pennsylvania after college to keep his distance from both my parents. For me, visiting mom was emotionally draining because she was so needy, fragile, and emotional. (Read More)

John Christianson’s Testimonial

Healing and Wholesomeness

When I first met Divine Mother, I was awe-struck that she had given up her entire life and a flourishing career to spread the Light to the world. Little did I know how completely Divine Mother, was to transform my entire life. This testimonial is offered in gratitude to Divine Mother.

Grief, rage and fear have dominated my life, causing me severe, chronic depression. I don’t remember laughing much as a child. At an early age, I was forced to be a “parent,” listening to my mother and father as they unloaded their extreme feelings of grief and dysfunction on me.  (Read More)

Betty Shimabukuro’s Testimonial

My Husband’s Passing

In 1987, my husband, Masao and I met Divine Mother in Hawaii. After our first meeting, we used to go to her home to meditate on the first Sunday of every month. We were so fortunate to have been given the mantra. Divine Mother had so much Love and compassion for everyone. We looked forward to meditating with her. Divine Mother explained to us that we have to be connected to the Source in order to receive the Light, and that we must be humble like the mango tree. Divine Mother often used the Japanese word “Su-na-o”(i.e. “humble”). (Read More)

Joyce Volen’s Testimonial

Divine Mother, Breaker of Chains

All my life I longed to know and love God. I remember as a child feeling voiceless, powerless and afraid of my father who was abusive. I remember finding refuge in my room and in crying to God for help.

​Being Japanese American, I was raised Christian but accepted Eastern philosophies too. I studied and tried many different religions—always searching for a path that embraced all religions. (Read More)

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