July 1, 2000

July 2000 Newsletter

(Volume 3, Number 2)

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Divine Mother Audrey’s Message

Hello From New York City

I wish to extend my warmest thanks to the spiritual family for your support and generous outpouring of love during my recent relocation to New York City. I have shared the many leis, macadamia nut chocolates and cookies, Kona coffee, Hawaiian jams and jellies, and beautiful flowers with many appreciative people here.

New York is a fascinating city, and there is much excitement here at the dawn of this new Millennium. Numerous historic events are taking place at the United Nations. Beijing +5 (the +5 means 5 years after the large gathering in Beijing which specifically addressed women and women's issues), the first ever United Nations/NGO (nongovernmental organizations) conference, (which had broad based dialogues among civil society groups from around the world), the United Nations Millennium Summit, (which is expected to draw the largest gathering of Heads of State from around the world), and the World Peace Summit, (which will have approximately 1,500 religious and spiritual leaders from around the world), are but a sampling of the events taking place at the United Nations.

I am hopeful that as many members of the spiritual family who have expressed an interest in assisting me with my works here will have an opportunity to come to New York. Meditations with newcomers are going well, and I have been happy to be with Duffy, Annie, Meredith, Alorah, and Alicia Kwock, Lloyd, Lloyd, Jr., Lane and Becky Nakamura, Gary Maeda, Sudhir and Tatou Mehta, Jon, Jane, Deborah, Damion and Jade Anderson, Pete Pusateri, Jimmy and Nolan Tamashiro, Cheryl Asato, Todd Loomis, Roberta and Sarah Christianson, and Fran Kawamura from our Honolulu, Los Angeles, New Jersey, London and San Francisco spiritual families.

My stay in New York through the end of September should prove fruitful, and foretells of the many travels which are yet to unfold in many cities, and many countries. May you join me in this beautiful journey, and may we witness together, Divine Mother's infinite Love and Light going out into the world. God bless you all!

Pamela Chun-Ganske’s Testimonial

Beyond Physical Pain

When I met Divine Mother in 1992, I was stuck in an unhappy, paranoid and suffering life. I was working for my father’s company, and dealing with his oppressive domination. I couldn’t even speak with my father due to my fear of him. (Read More)